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Trade Setups Using the DOC



The below image depicts E-Mini Futures Contract Chart using a 5,000 tick interval. The indicator used for the signal marked below is the DOC (D-Omega Converted). This version of the DOC has all of the other signal lines deleted for ease of visual recognition. Below setup description will be a slide show of additional images to assist in recognizing the Cyan Pivot setup as it occurs in real time. The period for this chart is 8/15/2014 through 8/30/2014.

Cyan Pivot Buy Signal

  • Cyan Up Pivot below  negative 6.85 (-6.85) (Normal Set Up)

  • Red DOC is Rising (See Slideshow)

  • If Steel DOC is greater than 13.5 (> +13.5)  Wait 2 bars for Entry. This Special Setup occurs occasionally.

  • Profit Target is +3.5 Points

  • Stop Loss is equal to 4 Points from Entry

  • Green Pivot numbers above price indicate Cyan is above Red at signal

  • Yellow Pivot numbers above price indicate Cyan is below Red at signal (More Bullish configuration)

  • Green DOC above +13.5 very rare indicates exhuastion push, use caution and tighten stop sooner.

Cyan Pivot Slideshow

1,2,3 Buy

  • 8 Point Stop, Target is Following the ABM Stop

  • Multiple Contracts after achieving 2.5 points lock in a gain

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