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TradeTheMBI is short for Trade the "Morgan Buy Indicator". Back in the 90's when I first began indicator programming I created the MBI as a White colored candlestick. The companion signal was called the GAM (Gradient Algorithmic Multiplier) and its color was Yellow. To this day I still use these colors as bottom buy signals but now they derive from much more complex math studies. My programming is designed to color candlesticks specific colors at key points to provide simple visual buy,sell or hold signals. This means that when viewing a chart you will NOT have red candlesticks only appear on days where close is lower than open. Candlesticks from my Algorithms color when they determine a downtrend or uptrend  is present regardless of what price is doing and only then color the candlestick with the appropriate color.  

Practical Approach to Learning TradeTheMBI Indicators

At TradeTheMBI we have broken our service into three components: The Private Twitter Feed, Private Twitter Feed with Daily Video Report, TradeTheMBI Indicators Subscripiton which includes the Private Twitter Feed and Daily Video Report.

Which subscription suits your needs best? Let's explore the details:

Private Twitter Feed: This subscription generally supports traders looking for
potential trend moves in some of the higher beta popular stocks. As the Alerts are generated, tweets appear on the private feed from TradeStation describing a signal for any or all of the 15+ stocks/indexes covered by the Alerts. This service is more adapted to an option trader or a index trader who prefers shorter time frame signals.  For more specifics on the Private Twitter Feed, visit the Learning Center Tab, Private Twitter Feed Info.

Daily Video Report: For both short and long term traders the Daily Video Report subscription is more expansive. This subscription includes access to the Private Twitter Feed along with access to the Member Daily Video Report. In this report the previous day's market action is detailed, along with projections for the coming day based on TradeTheMBI algorithims. Within this video report the major indexes are reviewed including key sectors and all the daily charts of the Private Twitter Feed. This information along with comment and interpretation gives strong guidance to the upcoming market action and broader time frames. We offer a Free Trial to this subscription with no obligation. (See Free Trial Tab)

TradeTheMBI Indicator Subscription:  Since it is not possible to cover all stocks, sectors, indexes in depth each day TradeTheMBI Indicators are now available to those traders seeking multiple time frames, advanced strategies with pre-defined profit targets and the ability to customize without limit. Indicator subscriptions also include the  Private Twitter Feed and Daily Video Reports. This subscription is most often used by active day traders, but many seasoned traders use the extrodinary power of the algorithims to trade retirement accounts, and broader strategies not specifically day trading. Details on TradeTheMBI Indicator functions, set up and past performance are available in the Learning Center Tab, Indicator Subscriptions.

All subscription terms and fees are available on the Memberships & Services Tab.

*TradeTheMBI Indicators require the use of a TradeStation Account and Platform. Extra fees may apply. See TradeStation.com for more details.

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